YOUTH – Fr. 10.11.

Eröffnung der Ausstellung “Youth” – Fotografien von Lion Mayer und Daniel Mayer. Closer Gallery

Light and Backlight
Reflections on the double image series ‘YOUTH’ by Lion and Daniel Mayer
Text by Sool Park

..It looks as if he wants to show no face at all, the way he is standing on the stairs. His sight is directed entirely to the inside. The huge concrete structure in the background appears to represent his inner world, weighing down massively and gloomingly on him, an oversized mind bubble. It is not weariness, but reluctance in his eyes. Maybe some resentment, resulting from what is being demanded of him, and most certainly a feeling of indignation to leave the world within and rejoin the one of outside. In the next image he is emerging from his white shell – as if he is hatching from an eggshell – something he practices every morning and evening. This practice looks conceivably unnatural, seemingly unforced, yet not spontaneous. His movement is oddly passive in nature, despite nobody else but him performing this motion. Being young is a burden. A smile, almost invisible passes his lips: It’s a Sisyphos smile…

WANN: Eröffnung am Freitag, den 10. November 2017 ab 18.30 Uhr
WO: Closer Gallery, Adlzreiterstrasse 35, 80337 München
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